Hello Assassins!


I grew up surrounded by cats. But chill out, this is not a blog about cats! I can even promise I will not post a single picture of kittens doing cheesy stuff! Growing up with cats teaches you many things, for example that house-cats and wild cats have little in common, but most importantly that cats are tremendously curious and their desire to explore and discover  easily spreads to children who surrounds them. Every time I see a new product I want to test it, every time I see a new restaurant I want to eat in it, every time I am told of a new city I want to walk it! Is that feeling familiar to you? If it is, you will most likely enjoy this blog, full of my views of what I see around. If it is not… should you maybe get yourself a cat?

In any case, my reviews are a combination of two essential ingredients. First there is the objective observation and description of its utility. I like to dig in and question whether the product is useful for what it is meant to be. In that area i thrive on products with some science behind it because I am a scientist and a healthcare professional by background. More precisely, I hold a Master of Pharmacy and a PhD and, guess what, I never needed glasses (which by the way I have always found sexy). I do my research and help you to discern between the real science behind the product and the marketing it is embellished with.

And then comes my taste, opinion and bitchiness (I have a bit of that too). Opinions are very personal and subjective. I do not have any interest on convincing you that mine are better than yours. But I am proud to tell my points of view are those of some one who has lived in 6 different countries through my 30-few years of life (i.e. Spain, Iceland, Germany, Finland, US and now Belgium), have a diverse international network of friends all over the world and I have that nowadays unusual and bizarre habit of going over my posts before clicking on “publish”. Nevertheless, I love discussion and getting reasons for reconsidering my opinions, so I eagerly encourage you to comment, criticize, give feedback and/or contact me regarding my posts.

Last but not least you might wonder why I use such a funky username. First of all, if non-weird things tend to bore me. Second “L’Ecolier Assassin” is a wonderful song from the 70’s by Malicorne that tells about the struggle for keeping two incompatible love stories at a time. Or at least that is what my skills in French allow me to understand.

I hope you enjoy my blog!


Ecolier Assassin.-


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