Air Fryer Cookbook by Daniel Alley – Review

Daniel Alley’s Air Fryer Cookbook gathers a list of easy-to-make recipes of dishes all the family will like. While the American cooking style is omnipresent in all the recipes, the book does not focus on a specific type of cuisine. On the contrary it offer a wide variety of dishes: from red meats to snacks or even desserts, and all can be easily prepared with an air fryer.
The design of the e-book is simple but accurate and easy to follow. Recipes are preceded by a medium-small picture of the dishes, in some occasions a bit too small to get an idea of what is to be cooked, a list of the ingredients and a step-by-step description of the procedure. Very simple and effective.
The book empathizes on the health benefits of using an air fryer mainly derived from using very small amounts of oil This assumption is clearly true when the air fryer is used as a substitute for a deep fryer.
I received this product at a discount but I am under no obligation to write a review.
The choice was purely my own and I received ZERO compensation.

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