Brain Supplement from Cross Trader

According to Cross Trader, their product Brain Supplement is supposed to prevent neurodegeneration and “increase your memory”.

While the first is an ambitious but honest goal for a nutritional supplement, the second is more of a marketing fantasy, as realistic as ugly men getting raped by sexy female models in elevators after using a certain deodorant.

When we take a closer look at the composition, it is positive to see they restricted the components to five, so large enough doses of each can fit in each pill. It is common in natural products that the effects of many compounds are not totally defined. The ones used for this supplement have diverse effects, that is to say they do not focus on a specific function or process of the brain. For example red ginseng is a well-known adaptogen, which means it makes your body “adapt” to conditions that demand extra effort, like stress. It also includes less known components like Bacopa monnieri that protects your cells and increases blood flow to the brain, the alkaloid Huperzine A with poor evidence of combating neurodegeneration and saffron extract that is shown to have some beneficial effects on patients with certain neurological/psychiatric disorders. And then, vitamin E, one of those friendly antioxidant vitamins that look good in any supplement.

All in all, with no further explanations of the rationale behind selecting these compounds, I can say what users always say of nutritional supplements “well, at least it will not harm”. That said, a positive effect might exist with at least some of those components. The consequence will not be an improvement of your memory, at least not to an extent that you can notice after few weeks/months, but who knows: it might help your brain work a bit better in the long run.16244778_10154616087554300_1038049586_o




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