Prostate Supplement by Cross Trader


This supplement combines four agents extracted from plants: Beta Sitosterol, Saw Palmetto, Lycopene and Quercetin.

The two first are phytosterols, fatty acids, with a bunch of beneficial effects on your cardiovascular system and on maintaining your cholesterol in decent levels.

Beta Sitosterol has shown an effect on preventing benign prostatic hypertrophy and therefore it is incorporated in many foods, especially margarines, and some vegetal oils, yogurt and other foods with the goal of providing a total daily intake of 1 to 3g. Nevertheless, this supplement provides only 0.1g (100mg) a day, not much of a contribution to reach that target.

Saw Palmetto has not a proven effect on preventing benign prostatic hypertrophy or other prostate diseases, including cancer. Of course some more data is needed and it is suspected that bla bla bla… studies in mice… bla bla… You have heard that before, haven’t you?

Lycopene is a very widely known antioxidant you should devour during (and before) your beach vacation in the summer: it is known to protect your skin from UV light. It is especially abundant in tomato, that’s why gazpacho is the best antioxidant boost on a summer day. Even though its effects on benign prostatic hypertrophy, to my knowledge,  have not been reported it is proven to have a preventive effect on a bunch of cancers, including prostate cancer. It also decreases C reactive protein thanks to its anti-inflamatory effect.

Quercetin is of a more blurry candidate for therapeutic molecule: no effect on preventing any pathological condition, on prostate or elsewhere, has been shown, nor any power to prevent cancer. And yes, it often happens with herbal supplements, that the sole reputation of some molecules is reason enough to be included in a supplement.

All in all, this supplement will not harm, and will help you increase somehow the amounts of some components of foods that are really good for you and that you should be getting with a healthy diet. If that is not the case, these pills won’t make miracles, but they will for sure help you enrich your diet.

In case you are serious about preventing benign prostatic hypertrophy or other prostate problems, you might need more than this supplement and then a visit to your doctor or nutritionist is a must.

A drawback of these pills is that you need to take 2 per day and a bottle only contains 60 pills. This means you will have to refill your stocks often but the price is not expensive. Regarding the amounts of nutrients you get with the pills, you can get the same on your grocery bag, only that with much more effort, but again nothing is too much when you want to prevent certain conditions and make sure your prostate stays healthy.

My advice, if you decide to go for these pills, swallow them with a glass of freshly made gazpacho! That will indeed help.


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