Why it is important to send good candidates to Eurovision? The Spanish fraud

After the Spanish fraudulent national final that selected Manel Navarro to represent Spain in Eurovision while other candidates like Mirela and LeKlein had clearly more support among the Spanish citizens and fans, while offering far more interesting options, we should ask ourselves: why do we care so much?
Apart of feeling silenced and insulted by the Spanish musical establishment and media, a journalist from El Pais, the main Spanish journal, called eurofans “hooligans”; there are more reasons to consider this fraud strongly against our artistic reputation and even our economy.
Indeed Eurovision represents a priceless opportunity for countries to influence the musical currents and markets around Europe (and the world) with their artists. This brings good reputation and, why not, money to the artists and producers, that enriches the country itself.
Unfortunately the short-time benefit for the radio stations, public TV and music companies of sending “their” goldenboys instead of innovative less discographic company-bound artists that would provide a much bigger long-term benefit overshadows the forest of opportunities that such a festival, and the potential market behind it, offers.
Shame on you, Objetivo Eurovision! I hope someday you learn to trust the artists in your country and learn that there is more than what you repetitively play on the radio. Visit the underground venues in your main cities and you will discover where the real art of modern music, tomorrow’s mainstream, is breeding.
Shame on you, losers and losers of opportunities. Corrupt juries and art-murdering establishment.

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