Raw Silk Garshana Gloves for Ayervedic Dry Massage

Raw Silk’s Garshana Gloves package consists on a pair of gloves for dry massage, a tongue cleaner and a small leaflet with instructions on how to perform the massages.
While the presentation of the package is very good, the gloves are not too convincing in terms of having particular properties.
The design with an elastic band to adjust to the wrist makes them comfortable to do massage but the fabric does not seem anything special or have any particular property rather than being rough on the skin. A concern that comes to my mind when touching the fabric is that I am not sure if these gloves will last for very long if used on a weekly basis for massage.
The connection of this with Ayervedic medicine is something beyond my knowledge, and the brief description of the product, without an objective well-explained rationale on the health benefits of using this product, does not clarify much. This is probably the biggest caveat on this product: unless you are familiar with it beforehand, you will probably not be able to use it properly or understand its properties from just reading the leaflet. Otherwise having a drawing with the direction and areas where the massage needs to be applied is very helpful, but without a deeper description on how to apply the massage you might find yourself just scrubbing off your dead cells and not getting any benefit (if there is any) from the Ayervedic medicine.
A funny thing is that the package includes a tongue cleaner. I wonder what is the relation of this item with the gloves for massage.
All in all, the product is ok if you know how to use it. If not, you will probably need to gather information elsewhere and then buy the product.
The price of this item (around $25-30 in amazon) is, in my opinion, a bit too high for a product of this quality. A booklet with extended information on Ayervedic massage and medicine or a deeper scientifically based insight on the objective benefits of these therapeutic massages would definitely increase the quality:price ratio.


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