Erich Fromm’s “The Fear of Freedom” as a tool to understand the rise of Donald Trump

Erich Fromm explains in this book, published before the end of the Second World War, the reason why certain societies in particular historical moments opt for authoritarian political regimes (fascism).
A deep analysis of the development of the infant’s notion of his existence as an individual being and an extended analysis of the social structure evolution due to the economic and political transformation in specific historical periods are the grounds that Fromm utilized to explain the reasons for Hitler’s Third Reich raise.
The most intriguing thing is how these theories, written over 50 years ago, feature strong parallelisms with the contemporary events like the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America or the raise of the extremism right-wing party of Marine Le Pen in France.
Both fascinating and scary, this book is a powerful tool to understand the historical transformation we are going through, that will condition the following years that our generation will have to endure.


Vegan Box Set 2 in 1: 200+ quick vegan and chocolate vegan recipes por Sam Kuma (review en espanol)

Una larguisima coleccion de variadas recetas veganas. Magnifico para incorporar ingredientes y platos nuevos a tu dieta o, en caso de que quieras, introducirte en el modo de vida vegano.

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Vegan Box Set 2 in 1: 200+ quick vegan and chocolate vegan recipes by Sam Kuma (ebook)

A large collection of vegan recipes that include some amazingly healthy substitutes for health-destroyer dishes
Words “vegan” and “healthy” co-exist in the title of this book making some readers roll their eyes back from the start. Vegan lifestyle mischievously brings any benefit while it might make your health pretty screwed up if you do not control all your food nutrients with maniac-depressant thoroughness to make sure you don’t get deficiency of any, which happens to many new-vegans.

On the top of that: can you call “healthy” a recipe, like “Chocolate French Toasts” where you deep fry white bread soaked in milk and sugar? Indeed, some of the recipes are not healthy at all.

Nevertheless, many of the recipes surprise us with very smart healthy substitutions for very unhealthy treats. This is the case of the “Chocolate Hazelnut Donuts” that, far from being the best option to reduce on pounds, it is a healthy version of pancreas-killing traditional donuts.

In general, this is a well-written, fine designed manual for making varied, imaginative dishes some including uncommon ingredients that is worth getting to know and some, as the example above, offer amazing examples of how cooking healthy is not that hard.

Although the scarce number of visual aids, only some of the recipes have a picture of the finished dish, the book describes the process to make the recipe in a very clear and short manner, making it a good book to keep at sight while you cook.

An observation for the authors to think about is if, instead of rising the number of recipes, they should have make a more thoughtful description of each of them and, especially, more pictures would have made this a better cooking guide.

All in all, a book I fully recommend and that can help you modify your daily diet to a more healthy one.

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Dan Brown ‘s Inferno review in English

Hello Assassins! I just reviewed Inferno, the novel by Dan Brown that will be soon in the movie theaters with Tom Hanks (again) as Professor Robert Langdom. Do you agree with me on my views on the book? share your thoughts with me and comment!

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