Mis peores 10 (bottom 10) canciones de Eurovision 2017

Aqui os dejo mi bottom 10, las 10 peores canciones que compiten en Eurovision este ano!


Reaccion a Robin Bengtsson y la final de Melodifestivalen 2017

Ya tenemos ganador de Melodifestivalen 2017 y se llama Robin Bengtsson con su cancion “I can’t go on”.
Le deseamos toda la suerte del mundo en Eurovision en Kyev.

My reaction and opinions on the election of Manel Navarro to represent Spain in Eurovision 2017

Disgusting election of the song and artist that will represent Spain in Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine. The fact that the jury chose an artist clearly worse than his opponents and the that audience votes were pretty much useless, sheds many doubts on the honesty of Spanish public TV channel, Television Espanola, to send artist to Eurovision.
We, eurofans, feel the contest was stolen from us.
Shame on you, TelevisiĆ³n Espanola and Objetivo Eurovision.
Shame on you.