Crema de dia Drops of Youth de The Body Shop. Review en espanol

El gel-crema de dia Drops of Youth usa ingredientes innovadores para prevenir las arrugas y el envejecimiento en personas jóvenes, en que las consecuencias de la edad sobre la piel aún no son severas. Su componente estrella son las células madre de plantas, que en el video os explico qué son y la ciencia que hay detrás de ese producto. También hago un review de la crema. Espero que os guste!


INNX Waterproof Quilted Dog Seat Cover Review

Reviewer Joey from Team Ecolier U.S. got the INNX Waterproof Quilted Dog Seat Cover a week ago. This item is perfect, since Joey and his boyfriend Max enjoy taking their dog, Thor, to day trips. Sometimes they drive for hours alone with Thor and sometimes they pick up friends on their way, so they need a cover that is comfortable for Thor but also that is easy to take in and out when their buddies jump on the car.
They tried the cover and this is what they have to say about it.
Joey: the material seems like it would be easy to clean, but we haven’t gotten it dirty yet, so we’ll see about that. In any case, it does not seem to retain hair or dirt too much. Quality of the material looks ok and is nice to the touch. The installation was really easy, and the buckles(shown in the photo with just my hand) extend to fit different sizes of seat.

The cover manages to cover up all of the back seat and creates a hammock like seat which should make it easier for the dog to sit in the back, and probably easier for them to lay there. Now we can allow Thor to jump in the car even if his paws are wet or dirty with mud: Thor loves running around in the countryside on rainy days and, of course, when he does that, Max gets uneasy when he lays on the back sit. Now Thor can be more free and Max can relax?

It adapts very well to our car sit and Thor loves lying on it. It really helps us keep the car clean and Thor happy and cheerful.
Over all first impressions are very good.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Linear, boring and simple novel by Paulo Coelho.
The uninteresting story goes over few anticlimax-climax cycles that make you wonder if someone changed your bookmark and you are reading that fragment for the second time.
The excuse: it is a fairy-tale in its form. However nothing justifies the lack of interest in its content.
The philosophical wannabe morals do not make any sense but to desperately hold a story that collapses in every page.
Do not waste your time.

Comprando adornos navideños en febrero… estoy loco?

Compre este adorno de Santa Claus de Fancy-Fix justo cuando terminaron las navidades. Mirad que glamour que tiene esta obra de arte, además de ser última tecnología en decoración. Especialmente indicado para iluminar las cenas en el chiringuito de verano o camping de la playa. Oh Yeah!
La realidad es más cutre que eso: con la gente con empacho masivo de navidad, regalos, santa claus, arbolitos y demás muchas tiendas liquidan sus artículos de navidad a precios muy reducidos. Como la navidad no cambia y cada año las cursilerías de la temporada son tan petardas como el año anterior, pues que mejor que comprarlo ahora, guardarlo 11 meses y darte una mega-sorpresa cuando, en diciembre, saques la caja de los adornos con tu sobrinita y… surprise surprise: el cutre-santa que me compre en febrero! Ya no recordaba ni que lo tenia!
Pues eso: barata navidad, feliz navidad!

Gel Crema After-Shave Cedrat de L’ Occitane. Review en espanol

Refrescante after-shave con una fragancia tenue que deja tu piel hidratada y con sensación de suavidad. Al ser un gel-crema, posee una textura que la hace fácil de extender al mismo tiempo que los aceites naturales que posee ayudan a la reparación e hidratación de la dermis pero sin dejar ningún residuo oleoso.
Contiene excipientes de alta calidad y substancias activas como el zinc, que ayuda a que la piel se cure de las microlesiones producidas por el afeitado.

Cedrat After Shave Cream Gel from L’ Occitane. Review

Refreshing after-shave with a mild fragrance that leaves your skin hydrated and soft. Its cream-gel textures makes it easy to spread while the natural oils it includes provide relief and hydration without leaving any oily residue. It contains high quality components and active molecules like zinc, to help your skin heal from the abrasion and micro-lesions produced by the shaving.

Colon Detox Supplement from Cross Trader

Colon Cleansing Detox Supplement contains a bunch of natural products that are beneficial for different processes related to your GI track function: from helping on the digestion of food like papaya, antioxidants like lycopene, protectors of the intestinal flora like inulin or gingseng, that is basically good for almost everything 🙂 Such myriad of sought effects for the same supplement calls for the concern of whether there is enough space in a tablet to contain high enough doses of each compound for a significant impact on any of those functions. That question is hard to answer since the detailed quantitative composition is missing in the label.
Nonetheless, all those ingredients seem beneficial and free (to my knowledge) of adverse effects, so why not to give it a try?
Pills are easy to swallow and the presentation of the product looks correct.
Taking two tablets a day (I assume with meals) is easy to follow and probably gives a more sustained effect than taking both pills at once.
All in all, a seemingly harmless product.
I cannot comment on the benefits because those are not immediate and, most likely, not observable or noticeable. Scarce info on the amounts included in the pills does not help finding out whether we are taking a sufficient dose or not.